coffee-e1404937364986Hands on heart, I do admit, I did not fall in love with coffee at first “smell” as everyone else around seems to have. In time, it has turned out to be my longest love-hate relationship to date.

I spent the good part of the first 26 years of my life, taking a whiff of coffee and just link it unconsciously to my childhood. No, do not worry, no TMI childhood trauma, you don’t want to hear about, is going to be shared with you. Why my childhood then? Well, I remember clearly being in the kitchen with my mother and staring impatiently through the oven door, as the peanuts, still in their shell were being roasted. Then my memory does not hold up as much, but for whatever reason, we burnt them.

Of course, as Little Miss D had already decided she’d munch on peanuts that evening, she ate them anyway, burnt. Hence the scarred memory of burnt peanut smell AND taste, remained irrevocably fresh in my mind.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the memory which was always revoked in this little head, every-single-time I taste or even smell, coffee.

Now, again, I did mention that this made me “reject” coffee for the first 26 years of my life, and alas I am not 26 any more. What happened then? Well, work got in the way. I got a new position at work, in which, by 1 in the afternoon my neurons and brain energy would be killed and ready for a whole-night-sleep. Which of course I couldn’t do. So, I learned and adapted.

At first, even one coffee after lunch would kick me on hyper-mode for the rest of the day, much to the dismay of those sharing my office.

Eventually, those sharing my office, turned out to be Italians – and what do Italians do, all-the-time? That’s right. Drink coffee. By then my body could handle more than one coffee, but they did physically force me away from the coffee machine after my third dose of the day.

I have even discovered some new secrets, that I will share with you Shareoholics:

– I read about the benefits (and actually tried it out) of taking an espresso before a 20 minute power nap. Yes, before. Apparently, it takes that much time for the coffee to really kick in, which makes the power nap, so much more efficient. Try it out!
– This is my own invention – inspired by the espressoed-power-nap – have coffee before the meal, this way you avoid that little doz-iness feeling and the energy levels remain balanced at a steady pace.
– This I owe to my Spanish friends, when it’s way to hot in Summer to have a hot coffee – pour it in a bigger glass, add the sugar and let it melt, if you like me are a gluttonous monster and then put in 3-4 ice cubes. Same effect but feels so much better when fresh on a hot afternoon.

That said, I hope I do not break anyone’s heart here, but I still do get THAT memory every time. Drinkable burnt peanuts – I bow my head to you! Our love-hate relationship is here to stay.

Yours truly.


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