Dry Cleaner Tricks at Home

his_dirty_laundry_by_xbatsatnightxHere are some tips for doing the perfect laundry at home, which means, saving on the dry cleaners while having fresh smelling, stain-free and good feeling clothing!*

Blood Stains

Wash immediately with cold water and soap.  If the stain is old, leave to soak in water with salt and then wash with lukewarm soapy water.

Car Oil

Rub the stain with butter and an egg yolk.  Leave to settle for an hour or two, brush the dry mixture off and then wash and rinse as normal.

Cherry Stains

Wash in soapy water, dab the remaining residue with milk.  Leave to settle for an hour or two and then rinse.

Chewing Gum Stuck to Garment

Place the garment, with the spot where the chewing gum is stuck facing up.  Put a baking paper sheet on the spot and iron.  Remove the paper and voila, the chewing has now shifted to the paper.

Coffee stains

Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of alcohol and apply on the garment.

Chocolate Stains

Apply lukewarm glycerine then rinse well.

Deodorant Stains

On cottons, wool or silk.  Put some ammonia on a piece of cotton wool and rub the area gently.  When the stain has disappeared it’s best to leave the clothing in some water with a detergent for delicates for a little while. Rinse it out and it’s ready to go! 🙂


Apply flour immediately, leave on for a couple of hours, then brush it off.

Floor Wax

Place the garment in between two baking sheets and iron.  Peel the paper off and voila the wax is now on the paper.

Grass Stains

For whites and cottons: Soak in very warm water and then rinse.

Delicates: Apply some alcohol

Old stains: Rub with freshly squeezed lemon juice and rinse with lukewarm water

Glue Stains

Soften with warm water then rub with warm vinegar and rinse.

Ink Stains

Soak the effected part in water and lemon.  After a while boil the garment with detergent.

Fresh stains – Apply salt immediately.

Old stains – Soften in milk then wash in soapy water.

Keeping White Sheets White

If you’re fed up of storing your white linens for a season only to find they took a yellow tinge, try one of the following solutions:

i. Dab the area with some milk and place it in the sun.  Stick them in the machine and their white is bright as when you first bought them.

ii. Wash them in sugared water.

Keeping Your Wardrobe Smelling Good

The next time you pass by the perfumery get a few testing strips and place them in your wardrobe.  Trust me, you’ll love the smell next time you open your wardrobe.

Oil Stains

Spray an oven cleaner product on the clothing.                or

Apply flour immediately, leave on for a couple of hours, then brush it off.

Red Wine Stains

Immediately apply gin, vodka or white wine.  Otherwise you can later apply salt on the stain and then wash the garment in soapy water with concentrated lemon juice, or you can use granny’s way…soak the garment in boiling milk.

Rust Stains

Put some drops of freshly squeeze lemon juice on the stain.  Place the garment in the sun for a few minutes.  The stains will disappear completely.

Soft Towels

Leave the towels to soak in ammonia for a couple of hours and then wash as usual.

Spinach Stains

Rub with a raw potato, wash in lukewarm soapywater.

Tar Stains

Wash with water and soap or detergent, then rub off the residues with pure alcohol.


Put the shoes in salted water for an hour.  Rub the persistent dirt with toothpaste and an old toothbrush.  Leave the toothpaste to dry.  Once dry, stick them in the washing machine for a rinse or rinse them under running water.  Make sure u always use cold water.


Place the garment in between two baking sheets and iron.  Peel the paper off and voila the wax is now on the paper.


Always close zippers before you stick the garment in the washing machine, it’ll keep it running smooth.

* Make sure none of the products used contain bleach.  It is always recommended that you try the product on an internal part of the garment before applying on the outside.

Tell us your own tricks in our comments section below!

Image by xbatsatnightx


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