Phone Dos and Don’ts

ImageAs casual and personal as a mobile phone might feel, there is still an etiquette to follow whether you’re taking a personal or professional phone call.

Personal Calls

Do Not…Roll Your Eyes

Even though the person on the other end might not be seeing you, silences during phone calls are very significant.  The other person might not ask you directly if something’s wrong, but they will be wondering…

Do Not…Flush the Toilet

Having worked in a call centre for years, I can assure you that more people than you think, take their personal calls in the bathroom.  I once even had one yelling out, “It’s occupied!” Although it was hilarious to me, I am quite sure he was glad he never would have had to face me personally.  So, take my word for it – do not let the other person know you’re in the bathroom…do not flush either! It will give you away!

If you cannot do otherwise, on the other hand, you can do it the Japanese way – if someone knocks on your door, knock back! It makes it obvious enough there’s someone inside! Wink

Professional Calls

Sit Up

You might be lying down on your sofa when the phone rings.  Remember however that if they called you at home it must be important, so still give it your best shot.  Sit up and focus – the more focused you are, the quicker you can get this over and done with and go back to your relaxed mode!

Phone Interviews

Never underestimate an interview just because it’s over the phone.  As a matter of fact, it might say more about you than a normal one.  Again, sit up straight, stop whatever you were doing and focus.

Visualise the other person behind a desk so that your answers will sound smart and professional.  Do not fall for your usual phone phrases, stay focused on sounding professional. So end the call with a professional line, such as, “Thank you for your call and for considering me for this position. Have a nice day!”

Show them you want the position, but do not sound desperate.  Sounding professional doesn’t mean you cannot sound enthusiastic…just moderate it! Good luck!

Images by emohoc


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