House Training Your Man

The_Kitchen_by_DigiGekkoLiving in a house with a man, can be romantic but think practical before he gets into the bad habits.

My mother, who happens to be a very wise woman, has always taught me that a man’s routine is all about what his woman makes him used to.  If in the first weeks of living together, you wake up earlier every morning to make him breakfast in bed – be prepared, he’ll expect you to do it for the rest of your life…or as long as the relationship lasts!

No matter how much you love the guy, be practical.  Better set things straight from the beginning then having to argue later on.  After all, at the beginning it’s usually all romantic anyway so just tell him to do things the right way…in a nice way.


The rule is easy – one cooks, the other cleans up. If you have a dishwasher, the cleaner has it easier, but make sure the dishes go into the machine not right next to it…


If he leaves his laundry around the house, leave it there. Next time he asks for it explain methodically, only one spot in the house says wash me – the laundry basket. If it’s not in it, it’s not getting washed.


It is a fact, it’ll take you as much energy to put an object in its place as much as it would take you to drop it in the first place you find and then having to stay tidying up after.


Oh yes, the never-ending story. Very easy – if you go in and the seat looks like a water park, just walk back out and ask him to let you know when the water park has closed down 🙂


Let’s face it, nowadays both the man and the woman in the relationship work in the majority of the cases.  Make it clear from day 1 – you both work, you both dirty the house, you both have two hands, therefore you both clean.

Let’s share the love ladies! Tell us your house training tips…

Image by DigiGekko


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