Are you ready for a dog?

ImageThey’re all so cute on pictures and you can just imagine them in your arms, but are you really ready to get a dog? Here are a few things you should consider.


Whether it’s a home, an apartment or a villa, what you have to think of is not if it’s good for the dog, but if you can see the dog in it.  Basically, if you have a sparkling clean floor all the time and a sparkling white sofa, well, they won’t be like that anymore.  Yes, you can train him not to go on beds or sofas, but chances are even if you manage, his hair will be all over the place, so if you’re a cleaning perfectionist, forget the dog.

If you can see him, that’s great! 🙂 Pass along to the next point.


Once I read – birds fly, dogs walk.  That’s right, you’ll need to walk if you want your dog to be happy.  Now, let’s get this straight.  I was quite lazy before I got my dog.  I actually have to thank him for making me more active.  So, don’t get held back by it.  Be prepared though, dogs need to walk at least twice a day.

Admittedly, with me, the morning ones are pretty quick, give or take 10 minutes, just the time for him to finish off his business, if you get what I mean.  I pay him back at night though, a nice longer walk.  And, cherry on the cake, after his baths, he gets to go on a really long walk! How’s that for a treat? 🙂


Whoever said size doesn’t matter, (on any subject) had no idea what they were talking about.  It does matter and how.  Puppies are cute yes, just ask how big they will be at the full adult size.  They might be too strong for you to walk, the house might be too small for them, you just never know.


We all go on holidays and some of us have to be away from home for work too.  Just think, what are you going to do with this dog while you’re away? Is there someone who can take care of him? Would you pay a kennel to keep him?

So, that’s some food for thought for you.  Just give it some time and think about it, taking in a dog is not as easy as going out to buy your next pair of shoes.  Moreover, if you take in an abandoned dog like I have, they’ve already had their fair share of traumas.  Don’t give them another one by abandoning them again.  Just stick it out for the first hard(ish) weeks until you train him.

What’s sure is this – a dog will give you his heart and soul, and that’s worth every chewed shoe, destroyed cushion or tethered rug.  Make sure you’re ready to go through all of that though, don’t get a dog to abandon it after a few weeks or months.  Dogs will love you and be faithful for a lifetime, and so should you.

Image by remembering-you


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