Workout At Your Desk

ImageEasy exercises that will help you stay ache free at your desk…

I live at my desk and if you do too, then more often than not you must complain about back pains and stiffness. It’s not natural to our body to be sitting for 8 plus hours a day, possibly typing away causing neck ache, bad posture and eye strain.

It doesn’t have to be this way , follow these steps and observe a big difference in your workday.  Sit straight, shoulders back, top of monitor level with your eyes. Keep your legs bent and feet flat on the floor.

Here are some simple exercises you can do at your desk:

Sit and Stand

Try sitting and standing without helping yourself up with your hands


Rotate your head clockwise and anti-clockwise – slowly taking deep breaths.


Pull your shoulders up as if trying to touch your ears , hold for 5 seconds then let go. You can also roll your shoulders forward and backwards, both these exercises help relieve tension.


Rotate your wrists as often as this will help to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is common for jobs that involve a lot of typing. Do the same with your ankles as this can prevent pins and needles – which by the way is lack of blood circulation too.

Stretch Your Fingers

Stretch your hands out in front of you then clench a fist and release.

Stand Up

Try and walk a little at least once an hour, as this improves your blood circulation. Use this time to gain points with colleagues by offering to make coffees and teas, great excuse to stretch.


Make sure you are not always looking at the computer screen as no matter how many filters it has, your eyes need a break.


You can do this under your desk and no one has to know – stretch your legs then point your toes and flex, point and flex , just like ballet lesson number one – ‘’good toes, naughty toes’’.


Keep a small bottle of water handy and make sure you are drinking. Once its finished you can walk to refill it and exercise your legs at the same time.


Contract your abdominal muscles; hold them there for a few seconds, then release.


Take a deep breath and hold it, tightening your abdominal muscles then release slowly. This exercise is not only good for your abs but it’s very relaxing in stressful times.

Last But By No Means Least…Kegals

Don’t forget your Kegals. Exercising your pelvic floor muscles,not only help prevent incontinence and prepare you for childbirth but they ensure better orgasms.

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