Are You Turning Into Your Mum?

mirror__mirror____by_regadenzia-d30y0lhA woman we admire and love, ask for advice and are offered it (even if at times we don’t want to hear it) and yet there’s a strong part of us that would rather suck eggs than turn into her!

Yet at times you say something or spot yourself making an expression in the mirror and realize that it’s happened – you’re turning into your mum.

Is it all bad? Can you avoid it? Should you even bother or is it inevitable?

It’s normal that traits of the woman who raised you are somehow ingrained in your system. There are cases where you turn into the opposite of what your mother was – by learning from what you think are her mistakes and making your own.

When you see these things happening you start to realise that maybe your mum was right, maybe she’s only human and maybe she’s easier to understand now that you are so similar.

Today I understand why we ate the same dinner over and over again – I really resented it and thought ‘doesn’t she have any imagination’ – well I see myself doing that too, maybe like me she was too tired to think of what to cook and went into auto mode. It’s realisiations such as this that make me feel closer to her today – I can see how much she has worked and done her best to keep us happy and how we didn’t give her a second to herself or any credit for anything she’s done.

You know you’re turning into your mother when:

You find yourself saying one of your mum phrases to someone else – ones you always rolled your eyes to when she said them.
You look in the mirror and can see her in your expressions.
You start buying clothes and shoes that are comfy and practical.

Someone who knows your mum well says – ‘you’re obviously your mum’s daughter!’

To a certain degree becoming your mum is unavoidable – it’s what we know and what worked for us and it’s not a bad thing at all! A few years ago I would have been insulted if someone told me I was becoming my mother now I can see that it’s really not such a bad thing!


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