House a mess?

messyI have to admit I’m a junk magnet – cannot deny that after having thrown out 4 huge black garbage bags and 2 massive cardboard boxes of stuff – and that’s just today! While I went up and down the stairs to take them out, I kept telling myself, “No wonder the house was a mess! I had 6 whole lots of junk around the house!”

What did I throw out? Old shoes…clothes I had ruined but still kept (please don’t ask me why), newspapers, magazines…..and so on and so forth! And while I sit here on my sofa with 3 cushions behind my back to try and relief my back pain, I’m solemnly promising myself, in front of all of you, that this lady right here, will never let so much junk load up in such a tiny house again!

Let’s think about it – what does MESS stand for?

More than I need

If your wardrobe is full and you have no space, then it’s time to go through your clothes.  If you haven’t worn something for a long long time, it either doesn’t fit you anymore or you don’t need it. Give them to charity!

Extra stuff

Mags, newspapers, empty cleaned jars (just in case I’ll need them) and the list never ends – TRASH ‘EM!

Sentimental things

Look at each one of them: if you can’t remember who gave it to you or where you got that from, you probably don’t need it! If you do, and still can’t let go of it, get a nice big box and stick all of those little things in it. You can open up the box of memories on nostalgic days, you don’t need them around the house all the time.

Someday I’ll need it ‘stuff’

Oh yes, I’ve kept bright orange shoes, just in case I’d need them for a dress up party.  I kept a million envelopes of birthday cards I received, JUST in case one day I misspell someone’s name on a card – hey it could come in handy to have an extra one! Never used them! So out they go 🙂

My answer? GET RID OF IT ALL!!! Believe me, I’m a sucker for keeping stuff, but we need to let go.

The less, the better – let’s face it. It’s easier to clean more often, if you don’t have to spend an hour/hours tidying up before you can actually see the surface!

With love to all of you Shareoholics out there ❤

Image by Cute_and_bright


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