Road Tricks…with a twist!

Drive_It_by_PurpleFamousDiamondHere are a few tricks to help you be safer on the roads…with a twist – why with a twist? Well, I have to admit I’m not the best of examples on the road. Details later. In the meantime, here are the real tips:

Look Ahead

It is always suggested that a driver looks 100 metres ahead of the vehicle. Why? Well, looking that far can make you notice a stopped vehicle, an accident or anything that requires your attention.  By spotting it from far, you have time to break slowly and avoid sudden braking, which might lead to a bumper to bumper accident.

Be Responsible

Most of us do not realise that driving is not just about having a driving license.  A car can cause extensive harm and therefore, just like when handling a pair of scissors (remember your mum teaching you how to pass them to make sure you hurt no one?) In this same way, you have to be aware that you’re not alone on the road.  Kids might dash across the road after a ball – did you ever think about that? When driving in a residential area always think – If a kid had to run across the street right now, would I be able to stop? If the answer is no, then you should decrease your speed.

My mum taught me this when I was first learning how to drive:- “If you see a ball coming onto the road STOP, a child is sure to run after it.” It proved to be true in 2 occasions!

Now the Fun Part…How to Avoid Fines

The obvious answer is, well, respect rules and don’t park where you shouldn’t – basically don’t allow for anything they can pick on. Then again, as I said, I’m not much of an example on the road…I leave my house an hour and 15 minutes before I start work due to rush hour.  By the time I shower and take out the dog for his morning mini-power-walk, it’s already too late and I have no time to put make up on or have breakfast. To which I found a solution – Make tea, stick it in a thermal mug, carry make up with me – sip tea in the slow traffic and then put my make up on, using the rear view mirror.

The problem is that more often that not, during rush hour, there’s always quite a few policemen around, who wouldn’t be too happy seeing me sipping my tea and closing one eye while focusing on the other to make sure I don’t stick the eyeliner pencil in my eyeball.  When during this multitasking phase, I spot a uniform, this is what I do,  it’s always worked till now:

1. Look at a driver in another car, with a puzzled face which says ‘What the hell is HE doing now?!’. They always fall for it and look the other way 🙂
2. Smile at him/her (or wave if you dare) in a way that subconsciously means ‘I know you somewhere’. By the time they try to figure out where they know you, you would have driven off.
3. In extreme cases you can resort to the finger in the nose scenario.  Look as if you’re busy looking for ‘nosy friends’ – it usually startles them enough and puts their mind off your car.

Got your own tricks?

Share with us by commenting below!

Image by PurpleFamouDiamond


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