Just the Two of Us

ImageSetting the table for a romantic dinner.  Let’s state the obvious.  Women love romantic dos, men like them a little bit less.  Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or the first dinner you’re preparing for him at home…here are my tips for a great looking table and some tricks to finding a balance between both worlds in which both of you will feel at ease.

The Table

Don’t forget that’s it’s just the two of you, so choose a smaller table. If you, like me, only have the one table at home, don’t worry. How about using a runner instead of a table cloth to still give a feeling of intimacy on a larger table.

Don’t Over Do It

It can get confusing to pick one of the many forks set on the table.  My trick is to just stick to a maximum of 3 dishes including dessert. By doing this you will only  have 2 forks and 2 knives on each side of the plate.  Especially if he’s your new flame and he’s embarrassed to ask, this will make it easier for him.  He’ll just need to see what you’re doing and follow through.


Let’s admit it, we love flowers but men tend to think they’re quite girly, so I’d go with just the one flower in that little vase.  After all, we’re hoping he brings more flowers with him 😉

Drinks and Glasses

Wine, of course, goes hand in hand with romantic dinners. Don’t forget, however, that at some point you might want just a glass of water. So, yes, I’d go for 2 glasses each. Going back to wine, I find it handy to always have an extra wine bottle hidden in some cupboard.  The night might be so pleasant that you’ll want to stay chatting a little longer while sipping some more wine. So you don’t want to run out of it!

Should I Clear Up?

I know you’ll be dying to do the dishes but it’s your night – yours and his. Just stick them in the sink just for this once, don’t waste this special time on dishes! You can do them in the morning while thinking of the great time you had! 😉

Image by siilin


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