Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Stories

Image“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” – how true is that?!

You want to get revenge on your ex boyfriend, well that’s so immature and most of the time will not make you feel any better.  But it’s fun coming up with creative ways to get revenge – most of the time we don’t even go through with it because by the time we’ve created the perfect plan it’s not really that important anymore.

As long as it’s for a laugh and no one really gets hurt, maybe you just want to have the last laugh, here are some hilarious stories.

* Become really, really, really hot – definitely my fave one – get a haircut, join the gym and buy some new clothes.

* When you go over to his place to pick up your stuff, take a few of his essentials – his TV remote, his iPod, his fave model car.

* Casually mention to him that you finally got around to all those kinky sexual fantasies he was dying to try with you and, well, they’re fantastic.

* Decorate his car with a bumper sticker that declares “Small penis onboard.”

* Wait until he’s dining with a new date, then call the restaurant and ask the waiter to tell him that “his kids are on the phone and asking when he’s coming home.”

* Ask your pregnant friend to pee on a stick and post it to him. Fake Pregnancy Revenge – always a good one! This by far is one of the meanest pranks you can pull on an ex. This revenge has been around for thousands of years. Women have used this to have power over men since the caves era.

* Cut the buttons off his shirts – he’ll think of you every time he needs to sew his buttons back on.

* Sell his stuff on eBay – then use the money to buy yourself something pretty.

* Find a very embarrassing photo of him, make posters with his phone number and spread them around town.

Share your own experience or ideas in our comments section below….


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