Simple, Effective Home Remedies

ImageI resort to my granny’s old traditional ways more often than I ever thought I would…

I remember just rolling my eyes at my granny’s advice as a teenager, only to find myself now, using her ways more often than I ever thought I would. Here is some of her wisdom shared with you:


Blisters caused by minor burns can be a true bugger.

What to do: At first aid classes they teach you to put the burnt area under cold running water.

What not to do: Never put the burnt area directly on ice, this will cause another burn.

My Granny’s Trick:
Put toothpaste on the burn, just after taking it away from the running water. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off with clear water. You’ll never even see the blister – you’ll go straight to drying phase.


What to do: Drink a glass of milk or any kind of herbal tea once the water has turned lukewarm.

What not to do: Do not drink very hot drinks or eat any spicy or acidic food such as tomato sauce.

My Granny’s Trick:
Have a nice chunk of cheese. This stays in your stomach for longer than the glass of milk and therefore helps you balance out the natural acids for a longer period of time.

Sinus or Blocked Nose

What to do: Here, the best way is, of course, to do whatever your GP or pharmacist recommends.

What not to do: Avoid going on planes, travelling at high altitudes or practising scuba diving.

My Granny’s Trick:
Fill a bowl with hot boiling water and add some essential oils if you please. Place a towel over your head and the bowl and inhale the vapour for a few minutes.

Trouble Breathing in Bed

What to do: Always leave some window in the house slightly open for air to circulate at any time of the day.

What not to do: Do not use nasal sprays or inhalers without your GP’s recommendations.

My Granny’s Trick:
Sprinkle some Olbas oil (or Eucalyptus essential oil) on your pillow just before laying your head to sleep.

Believe me if you take my granny’s tricks you’ll feel better in no time!

Images by michellis13


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