Public Transport – Don’ts

Believe me you want to avoid these awkward moments…


Don’t you just hate it when the person seated next to you flicks the pages of their newspaper or magazine, almost hitting you in the face and then they don’t even dare apologise? Here are my tips for Public Transport Etiquette.


I have to admit I hadn’t taken the bus in YEARS…but my car broke down so while it was spending it’s day at the car clinic, aka the mechanic, I had to take the bus.· Not only did I realise just how fussy and spoilt I had become since I had bought the car, but to my great surprise, it wasn’t okay to sing along to your favourite song out loud – yes, I caught myself doing that – oh the shame! Worst of all, I only realised cause of the odd looks I got from my fellow bus ‘buddies’! So take it from me – it’s a no no!


If you’re travelling, put your mobile phone on silent.· It is quite annoying to hear a ringtone go off for a few long seconds while the owner actually finds it in their pockets or their bag. If you would not like to miss any call or text, use the wonderful invention of the vibration mode.

When you pick up, make sure your voice level is at the same level in which you’d talk to someone sitting right beside you.· Let’s face it, not everyone is interested in our conversations.


If you have a cold, make sure you have your tissues in your hand. No, I didn’t mean in your bag, I meant in your hand.  It’s extremely embarrassing to make strange sounds while trying to sniff the ‘river boogie’ back in!

If you have a cough, put a sweet in your mouth before you go on the bus/train/metro and enjoy it melting in your mouth.  Apart from getting  a sugar high, you avoid getting that huge urge to cough into the hair of the person sitting in front of you.

Images by girltripped


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