Happily ever…Single!

Freedom_by_thetopcrusaderGuess what single ladies, we have a lot to be happy for!

Books, movies, people around us make us think that if you don’t have a happily ever after relationship, you have failed at something and look at you with those eyes (yes, you know which) and tell you, “Oh honey, the right one will come around when you least expect it!”.

Well, trash that, cause guess what single ladies, we have a lot to be happy for:

1. Beyoncé made a song about us, and it rocks – please hear it anytime you feel down

2. We can spend our paychecks the way we want! As soon as I broke up, I went shoe shopping, bought 5 pairs and put them on the other side of the double bed for a whole week – ain’t it just lovely to wake up to 5 new pairs of stilettos?! Felt like heaven, every single time I opened my eyes 🙂

3. We are very, but very lucky not to have to live with a guy who doesn’t appreciate us for what we are or simply, doesn’t make us happy. A lot of women don’t have the guts to leave someone, just because they’re scared of being alone and spend their life without knowing what real happiness feels like.

4. All of our married friends tell us, “Oh, I so wish I could go out and travel the way you do.” Well, my dear married friends, that’s right, we don’t have to compromise 🙂 We do whatever we feel like – my dear single friends, enjoy it while it lasts 😉

5. If we want to be parents, think about it – we’re a step ahead of single men who want to be dads (yes, that rare species like Ricky Martin) – we have the oven, we just need the seeds…it’s tougher to find an oven 🙂

So my dear Single Ladies, be happy! We have many reasons to be smiling!

ImageImage by tuncaycetin


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