Concentration tips

Table_Mountain_Yoga_by_katypWhether you’re studying or just reading an important document for work, here are some tips to help you concentrate.


All around us there are never-ending sounds that distract us from what we are trying real hard to concentrate on.

Tip: Put on your earphones and listen to instrumental music – no words and singing, otherwise you will get distracted by the lyrics.  You can opt for relaxing music, the kind they put on during a massaging session or electro music, if you want to get the energy and subconsciously go faster.


Fine, to concentrate you use your mind, but don’t underestimate the power of the rest of the body.  Make sure it’s alert as well.  The best way to do this is to do some stretching exercises before you sit down to start.  Every hour after that stand up and do a 5 minute stretch. It will help you stay alert.


When you need to concentrate, it’s okay to sin – also known as – have chocolate! Chocolate helps the brain! Of course if you will be studying for a long time, do not blame unhealthy eating on this.  Leave the sins for the most stressful days such as exams and work presentations etc.


If you feel that you are getting sleepy, sit up straight and clap.  We have nerves in the hands, which when stimulated, help you beat sleepiness.  Try it out! It’s better than coffee and even healthier! 🙂

And you? Do you have any good tips for concentrating?

Write a comment below – let’s share the love!

Images by katyp


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