How to be there for a stressed partner

Avoid picking up on his stress and try these tips to help the both of you.


Having a stressed partner has got to be one of the most difficult things ever. Wanting to help and not knowing how, you feel completely helpless and sometimes fall into the trap of depression which will not help either of you. Unfortunately perhaps you do not know how best to help and all your attempts seem to backfire which can be so frustrating for both of you. I tend to think his frustrations are always to do with me when most of the times its work related and so I get worked up on trying to fix things when really he just needs to be left alone. I’m not sure if it’s a man thing but I need to chat to anyone and anything when I’m feeling low, but men seem to close themselves up and withdraw from the world.

Don’t Take It Personally

It’s easy to fall into the trap of blaming yourself by thinking you are the cause of your partner’s anguish. So if you’re going down that spiral, STOP. You can never be responsible for how others feel. Be honest with yourself and you will see that this is nothing to do with you. Instead try asking if you can do anything to make things better usually giving someone space is what is needed.

Don’t Try To “Fix It”

This is my biggest downfall, I always want to fix things – isn’t it natural to want to? – especially when to you a solution is looking so clear. This is something that he needs to do for himself, even if you manage to solve it, it might backfire and make your partner feel more useless and stressed.

See How It’s Best To Show Support

Everyone has a different preference; some people want your presence others prefer being left with their thoughts. If you would require a certain thing it doesn’t mean he wants the same for him. Listen to what is being said and respect those differences.

Give Him Space

Most times giving someone space is the best thing, we all have had these moments when we are asked what’s wrong with you? Do you want to talk? Can I help? And all you want is to be left alone. This in no way means you are washing your hands off your partner it is just giving him the freedom to approach you when he is ready.

Look After Yourself & Let Expectations Go

Watching a person you love go through a tough time is not easy on you either, especially when you feel you cannot contribute to helping directly. However getting down about it will not help anyone, be positive, as positivity always rubs off on people and indirectly you will be helping him too. Showing him that life is not that bad and nothing is worth getting so down and stressed about will benefit both of you immensely.

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